Tara Diversi

Entrepreneurship Facilitator

From Uni Graduate to Entrepreneur

As an enthusiastic 22-year-old, equipped with my freshly printed Masters degree, experience and a passion to change the world, never in my wildest dreams did I expect that I would not find a job in my hometown, Cairns.

I applied for every job advertised, door knocked, networked and volunteered. All the so called “right” doors opened for me, except one with a salary attached. I was devastated and never once thought that my passion to help Indigenous Australians improve their health, may not be realised. 

I had not considered entrepreneurship as a career path suited for me.


However, information from a mentor, support from my parents, and a business plan to secure some startup funds saw me open my doors in November 2003.


I still have my appointment diaries with my gold stars along the way when I achieved…

  Paid my rent
4 clients in a week

  Paid my expenses
12 clients in a week

  Paid wage = QLD Health
20 clients a week

  Paid for a receptionist
30 clients a week

  Another staff member
75 clients a week

  Maximum capacity
120 clients per week

Early Success

I was a natural at business and was awarded the inaugural Cairns Business Women’s Club Young Businesswoman of the Year in 2004.

This award included business mentorship and training, which triggered my thirst for professional development.

I completed numerous small business programs and growing from my job to a practice, and then my practice to a business.

My Business Evolution

Having a strong client-focus and good business practices in place, I had clients throughout the country and overseas.

In 2007, I realised that although nutrition was my first love, business, and in particular small business was my calling. While managing my small business I enrolled in my MBA, and used my business to apply my learning.

I fast came to appreciate the value in evidence-based and best-practice in business management and development and how to get from an idea to a successful business.

By 2009 my business was a turn-key operation and I moved from working in the business, to solely working on the business and in academia, consulting, professional speaking and writing.

In 2012, I sold the Cairns arm of the business, and I continue to operate two of my own businesses.

Speaking alongside Steve Baxter, QLD’s Chief Entrepreneur.

Hanging out at the Googleplex, in Silicon Valley, USA.

On stage at the recent Big Fish Competition.

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